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WHAT DOES InsightScope DO?

By pulling from a wide and diverse online community (e.g. students, health care professionals, citizen scientists) insightScope seeks to help experts answer key questions on vital issues that may affect health and well being of children and adults across Canada and abroad.



Regardless of your level of experience it may be possible for you to join a team and help.

We can get you started on the right foot.


  1. Help the medical community answer questions
  2. Identify areas where further research is needed.
  3. Gain valuable research experience
  4. Join a research team, publish and add to your CV.
How to Participate

Crowdsourcing significantly accelerated the timeline for my research project

Jenna Ashkanase

Pediatric Cardiology Fellow, CHEO

Increasing the size of our research team was a real benefit to our systematic review. Gilbert Lam and Arielle Singer

Pediatric residents, University of Ottawa

InsightScope provided me with plenty of practice in systematic reviews and connected me with the real research experience I have been looking for!. Eugene, B.A.

Konkuk University Seoul, South Korea