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The goal of our insightScope Crowdsourcing events is to help an investigator to rapidly complete a large systematic review that answers an important clinical question or drives forward a novel research area.  During the event, a large number of insightScope members (“the crowd”) will help the investigator to complete stages of a systematic review (e.g. citation screening, data extraction). Participation in the events can be done remotely (online). See the event listing below for details.
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NEW! Duration of Antibiotics and Intravenous Course in the Management of Urinary Tract Infections in Newborns and Young Infants: A Living Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis using Crowdsourcing

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About the systematic review:

Urinary tract infections are very common among children, especially in the first three months of life. These can lead to serious complications and occasionally death. Unfortunately, there are no clear guidelines on how to treat these infections in this age group. The goal of this event is to help researchers from the University of British Columbia, and BC Children’s Hospital to rapidly complete a large systematic review on antibiotic duration for the treatment of newborns and infants with urinary tract infections. This would allow the development of guidelines on the optimal medical management for this population.



About the team:

Four researchers from the University of British Columbia and BC Children’s Hospital are leading this review.

Dr. Nassr Nama is a pediatric Resident at BC Children’s Hospital and the University of British Columbia. His research interests include crowdsourcing systematic reviews, clinical decision support, and knowledge synthesis and translation.

Dr. Matthew Carwana is a general pediatrician working as a hospitalist at BC Children’s Hospital and the University of British Columbia. His research interests include improving quality of care in general pediatric inpatient medicine, and improving outcomes for children facing discrimination and social marginalization.

Dr. Robine Donken is an infectious disease epidemiologist. She currently works as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Vaccine Evaluation Center at BCCHRI. Her research focuses on the most effective dosing schedule for HPV vaccination.

Dr. Manish Sadarangani is a clinician-scientist with advanced training in pediatric infectious diseases and vaccinology. He has dedicated his career to translational infectious disease research, in order to impact policy and guidelines to improve the care of children with infections

What help they are seeking:

The investigative team is looking for help with citation screening at the abstract and full-text levels, as well as PDF retrieval.

Depending on the number of citations screened, we are offering reviewers authorship on future manuscripts and abstracts and/or reference letters.

To participate in this project, crowd members (reviewers) must meet the following criteria: (1) The reviewer must be available to participate remotely during the weekend event (March 14-15), and (2) The reviewer must complete the qualification set prior to the event to register and demonstrate acceptable performance with citation screening.



What they are offering in return:

(A) Reviewers will have the potential to be included under a group authorship on all future manuscripts and presented abstracts. To qualify, reviewers must screen a minimum of 1000 abstracts and 100 full-texts, upload 50 pdfs and extract 10 citations. Reviewers must also be available to review/extract citations on a bimonthly basis until full publication (timing of these tasks is flexible and not limited to a specific weekend).

(B) Alternatively, reviewers can be included in the acknowledgments. To qualify, reviewers will have to screen approximately 500 abstracts and 50 full-texts and upload 25 PDFs.

(C) Finally, we will offer reference letters to any reviewer who has screened more than 250 abstracts, 25 full-texts and uploaded 10 PDFs.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out the investigative team at nassr.nama@gmail.com.

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