The Future of
Systematic Reviews

What is insightScope?

insightScope is a revolutionary systematic review platform that dramatically accelerates the review process through crowdsourcing. Whether you are leading systematic reviews or want to participate in answering the key medical and health questions of our day, click below for more information on the unique opportunities and capabilities that insightScope offers.


At the heart of the insightScope platform are students and everyday people from around the world with a passion for advancing knowledge. Sign up to learn about the review process, get published, and most important – make the world a better place!

Is insightScope for you?

For principal investigators, insightScope allows a team of vetted participants to rapidly and accurately complete the review stages, dramatically shortening the review process.

Knowledge synthesis groups and contract research organizations that provide systematic review services can use insightScope to accelerate the review process by 90%!

For educators and educational institutions, insightScope lets you directly involve your students in actual systematic reviews, providing exceptional learning opportunities.

For librarians and medical knowledge specialists, insightScope is a new tool to offer to the researchers you support, dramatically accelerating review timelines.

For conference organizers looking to differentiate your event, insightScope is developing a specialized application of the platform – the “Evidence Hackathon”.

Crowdsourcing significantly accelerated the timeline for my research project.

Jenna Ashkanase
Pediatric Cardiology Fellow, CHEO
Increasing the size of our research team was a real benefit to our systematic review.

Gilbert Lam and Arielle Singer
Pediatric Residents, University of Ottawa
InsightScope allowed us to expedite citation screening during the COVID-19 pandemic to generate rapid and rigorous evidence syntheses.
David Zorko
PGY5 Pediatrics / Clinician-Investigator Program, McMaster University

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