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What is insightScope

insightScope is an innovative software platform for conducting systematic reviews. The insightScope platform accelerates the conventional systematic review process by “crowdsourcing” the most time intensive stages. insightScope transforms the traditional linear systematic review process conducted by a small team of experts into a parallel process where a vetted crowd of interested individuals all contribute simultaneously.

The standard time frame for completion of systematic reviews using traditional tools is six months to many years. The standard time frame for completion of systematic reviews using insightScope is under two weeks.

Our Story

A New Approach

Dr. Dayre McNally, a pediatric intensivist, is the driving force behind the development of the insightScope systematic review platform. The accepted approach to knowledge synthesis, where a small team assumes responsibility for identifying and synthesizing all available literature on a topic, is increasingly recognized as inefficient. Systematic reviews typically take a minimum of half a year to complete, with many taking many years. As a consequence, evidence-based guidance is not provided on a timely basis, and many reviews are abandoned along the way or are considered futile and never initiated.

4 Years of Development

Funded by Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, since 2017 Dr. McNally has led a team of systematic review experts and app developers in realizing the insightScope platform. Dr. McNally’s key insight was that it was possible to deploy “crowds” of interested individuals to simultaneously contribute to systematic reviews, dramatically reducing the time to completion. The insightScope platform realizes Dr. McNally’s vision of a comprehensive environment that effectively hosts and facilitates systematic reviews conducted through crowdsourcing.

A Unique Team

The insightScope platform is being developed by a not-for-profit corporation through an ongoing joint collaboration between researchers at CHEO (the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) and Algonquin College.

Proven Accuracy

The accuracy of the insightScope systematic review platform has been conclusively proven. In controlled studies, the accuracy of insightScope crowdsourced systematic reviews was found to be essentially identical (within the margin of error) to the same review conducted traditionally by a small team of experts.

Algonquin College and insightScope, a revolutionary partnership helping the world!

Completed Reviews

The following are some of the reviews recently completed using the insightScope platform:

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Decontamination interventions

About the systematic review: The high demand for personal protective equipment during the novel coronavirus outbreak has prompted the...

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Efficacy and

About the systematic review: Inadequate supply of filtering facepiece respirators (FFR) for healthcare workers during a pandemic such as...

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