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Differentiate your conference

Offer your participants something truly unique by integrating a real systematic review directly into your conference with our Evidence Hackathon software platform.

Directly engage your participants

The Evidence Hackathon platform lets your participants launch and complete a full systematic review, all within the boundaries of your conference.

Deliver concrete

Cement the impact of your conference by having your participants complete and publish a fully-realized systematic review, capturing real and substantial value.

Something new for your medical conference

insightScope is an innovative new systematic review platform that dramatically accelerates the systematic review process through crowdsourcing. We are working on an application of the insightScope platform that is focused specifically on medical conferences – the “Evidence Hackathon” software.

Our Evidence Hackathon software allows for conference participants to be elegantly and simply engaged in launching and completing a systematic review. With traditional systematic reviews taking a minimum of six months and requiring thousands of hours of work from a small team of experts, there was no practical way to include a review within a conference. Our software enables your conference participants to come together as a “crowd”, with a large number of participants each making a modest contribution to a collective review.

If you organize medical conferences, we’d love to discuss how you can incorporate an Evidence Hackathon to make your events stand out.

Our Evidence Hackathon is a unique event that fits in beautifully with both in-person and virtual conferences!

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