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Unique Learning Opportunities

insightScope provides an elegant platform to have your students participate directly in a real systematic review – a unique learning opportunity.

Unlocking Future

Students who actively contribute to insightScope reviews will have their names on these papers when published – a huge advantage when competing for further educational and job opportunities.

A Real

Students who participate in an insightScope review are actively building humanity’s wealth of evidence-based knowledge.

Contact us to find out how simple it is to integrate insightScope into your curriculum. If you are an educator, we’d love to talk!

A Unique Learning Opportunity for Your Students

insightScope is an innovative new systematic review platform that dramatically accelerates the systematic review process through crowdsourcing. Our platform makes it simple and practical to have your students participate directly in a real systematic review. In addition to experientially learning the systematic review process from the inside, your students will have their names on a published paper, an invaluable leg up when competing for future educational and job opportunities.

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