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What is

insightScope is a revolutionary software platform that allows individuals such as yourself to expand medical knowledge through directly contributing to systematic reviews. ​

You play an
important role!

The involvement of interested individuals such as yourself is what makes insightScope so revolutionary.

What is a Systematic Review?

A systematic review examines all published material on a given subject, and then synthesizes this data into a summary of findings on the current state of knowledge on this topic.

How to Participate?

Participating in an insightScope review is simple:

Once you sign up and pick a review, we’ll provide you with all the info you need to complete the test set and start reviewing.

Why Participate?

Here are three great reasons for you to participate in an insightScope systematic review:

Help the medical community answer important questions

By contributing to an insightScope systematic review you are helping answer an important medical or health question, increasing our knowledge in critical areas.

Gain valuable research experience

Participating in insightScope is an excellent way to gain firsthand experience in systematic review methodology and execution.  

Publish and add
to your CV

insightScope is an invaluable way to get published, expanding both your educational and professional opportunities. When a systematic review that you contribute to is published, your name will be on the review.

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Who Can Participate?

Contributing to systematic reviews on the insightScope platform is open to everyone. When you choose to join an insightScope review you will be asked to take a short test before you are accepted onto the team. Passing this test is the only pre-requisite for participating. Many of our participants are students looking to gain experience in systematic reviews while getting their names on published papers, improving their future educational and job opportunities. Many are everyday people who are interested in helping the world through directly contributing to medical knowledge. Whatever your background, we invite you to participate!

InsightScope is easy and efficient to use, its enabled me to expedite the screening process of many systematic reviews for publication, which I am very thankful for.

Irina Oltean
Research Coordinator, CHEO
InsightScope provided me with plenty of practice in systematic reviews and connected me with the real research experience I have been looking for!

Eugene, B.A.
Konkuk University Seoul, South Korea
Insightscope has been a great platform to get involved with several projects and learn about systematic reviews! Students are able to gain meaningful experience and researchers can streamline their projects!
Ryan Sandarage
MD Candidate, UBC Faculty of Medicine

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If you would like to be kept informed about new opportunities for participating in insightScope systematic reviews, but are not yet ready to sign up quite yet, send us your contact info and we’ll keep you updated on new opportunities!

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