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A Revolutionary Partnership

The insightScope systematic review platform has been developed through an ongoing collaboration between a team of medical professionals at CHEO (the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) and the SLiDE (Service Learning in Design and Engineering) initiative at Algonquin College’s Social Innovation Lab. This partnership between the team at CHEO and Algonquin College emerged from a “medical hackathon” event hosted by Hacking Health Ottawa in 2017 . Dr. McNally’s vision of a systematic review platform that integrated the use of a “crowd” to accelerate the review process found a receptive audience, and was awarded the IBM Watson Grand Prize. A highly productive partnership with Algonquin College ensued. The insightScope team cannot overstate the importance of our ongoing partnership with Algonquin College to the development of the insightScope platform.

The following funders have played crucial supporting roles in the development of the insightScope platform: NSERC, Innovation Enhancement Program, Applied Research Rapid Response to COVID-19 Program, Garbarino Girard Innovation in Seniors Care Applied Research Fund, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s Innovation Fund, the CHEO Clinical Research Unit, and the Thistledown Foundation.

insightScope and Algonquin College would like to acknowledge the support and guidance provided by the IBM Data Science Elite Team and Machine Learning Hub in the development of advanced AI functions for the platform.

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