Chronic Critical Illness in Children: A Scoping Review

About the systematic review:

Children with chronic critical illness (CCI) are a unique high-risk population in the PICU at significant risk of recurrent critical illness and persistent long-term morbidity, and become ‘superusers’ of PICU resources. To date, this population has been understudied, in part due to pediatric CCI being a novel concept without an accepted definition to consistently identify these children. This scoping review will seek to first identify existing or suggested definitions of pediatric CCI, and in their absence, identify key terms and constructs to inform the development of a working definition of pediatric CCI for future research. 

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    David Zorko

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    McMaster University

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    David J Zorko, James Dayre McNally, Bram Rochwerg, Neethi Pinto, Rachel Couban, Katie O’Hearn, Karen Choong, and The International Pediatric Chronic Critical Illness Collaborative: Named Author Members: Supun Kotteduwa Jayawarden, Ryan Sandarage, Aoife O'Mahony, Laurie Lee, Miguel Rodríguez-Rubio, Conall Francoeur, Flo Cayouette, Ally Welten, Belinda Yee, Cristelle Chow, Julia Heneghan, Peter Brooke, Jose Colletti, Hazel Smith, Yasser Kazzaz, Mohammed Almazyad, Elizabeth Killien, Stefanie Ames, Mallory Perry, Ruben Lasso; Group Author Members: Krista Wollny, Fabrizio Chiusolo, Nicholas Bartel, Brenda Morrow, Misty Pratt, Carrie Henderson; Acknowledgements: Jan Hau Lee, Ryan Hirschfeld

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