Revolutionize Your Systematic Reviews

through crowdsourcing

Accelerate Your Systematic Reviews

insightScope is a revolutionary new systematic review platform for principal investigators. By transforming systematic reviews from a linear process conducted by a single or small team of experts into a parallel process where a team of vetted participants all contribute simultaneously, insightScope makes it practical for you to complete even large reviews within weeks.

Unique Crowdsourcing Features

Vet Your Team
(Train and Test)

Set up a test set of citations to assess the capacity of a potential participant before granting them access to your project.

Title and Abstract Screening

Deploy your team of vetted reviewers to rapidly and accurately screen your set of titles and abstracts.

of PDFs

With insightScope, your team becomes the engine that finds and uploads full-text PDFs that pass title and abstract screening.

Full Text Screening

Then effortlessly transition your team of vetted reviewers to full-text screening of papers that pass title and abstract screening.

Conflict Resolution

Elegantly and quickly resolve conflicts in the review process, while monitoring and providing feedback to your team.

insightScope was made by researchers, for researchers. Focus on what is mission critical while your “crowd” handles screening and paper retrieval.

Where does the “crowd” come from?

You can bring your own “crowd” of interested individuals to your project, or we can provide your crowd for you.

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Proven Accuracy

The accuracy of insightScope-powered systematic reviews has been proven to be equivalent to traditional systematic review methods. Parallel, identical systematic reviews have been conducted using traditional tools on the one hand, and insightScope on the other. The insightScope-powered reviews were found to have an accuracy that was equal (within the margin of error) to the traditionally conducted reviews.

Looking for more information?

If you would like more information on what our transformative crowdsourcing platform offers for researchers doing systematic reviews please do not hesitate to contact us.

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