for Knowledge Synthesis Groups

Accelerate your review

insightScope lets you complete a systematic review in two weeks through crowdsourcing.

Keep using familiar tools

insightScope easily integrates with the systematic review tools you are already using.

Focus on analysis

With insightScope your “crowd” does the repetitive screening, freeing you up to focus on critical analysis.

insightScope was made by researchers, for researchers. Focus on what is mission critical while your “crowd” handles screening and paper retrieval.

Accelerate Your Systematic Reviews

insightScope is an innovative new systematic review platform that dramatically accelerates the systematic review process through crowdsourcing. If you are a knowledge synthesis group or contract research organization that delivers systematic reviews for your clients, contact us to find out how the insightScope platform makes it practical to complete even large systematic reviews in two weeks, while realizing cost savings as compared to traditional methodologies.

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